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Sun Current is dedicated to giving you the very best of solar products, with a focus on dependability, customer service and uniqueness. 

Commercial Solar


Small Business

15 kW


Medium Business

30 kW


Large Business

50 kW

Residential solar


Small Houses

6.6 kW


Medium Houses

10 kW


Large Houses

10 kW

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At Sun Current, we believe that our resources are limited and we must always use them responsibly. Solar energy is a naturally derived form of energy that is clean, eco-friendly and has a massive impact in reducing carbon footprint Every expert associated with Sun current has years of experience in assessing properties to recommend the best solar power energy solutions that are bound to save hundreds of dollars in electricity bills.

Moreover, we work closely with state rebate and solar schemes to ensure that you are getting affordable solar power systems that are absolutely within your budget. 

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+ $1850 (solar VIC interest free loan)

6.6 kW Jinko 370 Watt System with Growatt Inverter

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