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Solar energy has become the most popular and efficient renewable source of energy on a global platform. In Australia, it is a widespread practice to harness this freely available and highly efficient energy for meeting the power needs of countless residential and commercial establishments in the country. People have come to realise how crucial it is to preserve the environment and harness energy in a sustainable way, and as such, they are increasingly turning to solar power systems with each passing day.

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Energy efficiency is more than just using less electricity on a daily basis. It starts with switching to a more sustainable source of energy that is eco-friendly and meets all your energy needs. At Sun Current, we understand this and are committed to providing exclusive solar power solutions.

  • Paving the way to achieve accreditations including Quality Management System, Safety standard AS/NZS 4801:2001 and further Clean Energy Council Accreditations.
  • CEC Member since 2017
  • Achieved 2 MW in the first financial year of becoming a CEC member
  • CEC approved retailer
  • Expert solar installers for quick and hassle-free solar system installation
  • More than 1500+ solar power system installation in Australia
  • Wide range of premium products (solar panels and more) to pick from
  • Property assessment to determine the best solar panels!
  • We work closely with government schemes and guidelines (as applicable)
  • Personalised and high-quality solar power products

As a leading solar panels provider, Sun current believes in tailoring every experience with high-quality solar panels and professional solar panel installations. We are a leading one-stop solution for every solar system needs!

We work with Australia-wide recognised brands that are affordable and eligible under relevant government schemes. We now serve customers all over Australia and are thrilled to be a part of the solar industry! As a leading solar panels provider, we are always conscious of your energy needs and focus on installing solar power systems that ensure maximum savings on electricity bills.

Thankfully, the government of all states in Australia offers attractive incentives and rebates for its residents to take advantage of and go solar. This helps people not only save massively through their electricity bills but also sell surplus electricity generated from their solar systems by sending it back to the grid.

Solar energy in Victoria opens many prospects as VIC inherently offers amazing exposure to the sun, making solar systems all the more efficient for their usage. It is easy to see why countless households and businesses are going solar and utilising solar power systems to save thousands of dollars and lead an eco-friendly and sustainable lifestyle.

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