Fronius has been engaged in the renewable energy sector - particularly solar energy - since 1992. The first Fronius inverter - the Sunrise - was developed in 1995, marking the birth of the Fronius Solar Energy division. We are the third and youngest of the three Fronius divisions.
In 2001, the former production site in Pettenbach Austria witnessed the development and production of the Fronius IG. This was an immense and innovative leap forward in the field of inverters. For the first time, plug-in cards were used to upgrade the device - giving the Fronius IG a unique future-proof feature that had been previously thought as impossible. The product lifetime of the inverter clearly demonstrates its exceptional quality; it was not until the end of 2015 that the Fronius IG was discontinued.
Along with manufacturing inverters, Fronius has also been consistently working on different research projects from it's earliest days - always driven by the aim of making renewable energy future-proof.

Our Vision

We believe in a future in which we cover 100% of our global energy requirements from renewable sources: the world of 24 hours of sun.

The key lies in technologies and solutions that, step by step, allow renewable energy to be generated and stored ever more efficiently, as well as to be distributed and consumed intelligently and cost-effectively. We are working on this, day in day out, to drive the transition towards an energy future with 100% renewables with our technologies and energy solutions.