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Sun Current stands out as a leading accredited solar installer in Sydney, NSW, specialising in solar PV panel installations for both residential and commercial spaces. Established in 2012, we understand the importance of choosing the right solar installer in Sydney, and thus, we prioritise optimal performance and longevity in the solar energy systems we install. Our accreditation underscores our commitment to upholding industry standards and providing top-notch service to our clients.

Whether it’s about sourcing the best solar panels in Sydney,  finding the best angle for solar panels in Sydney or figuring out the most suitable solar panels rebate in Sydney based on our client’s eligibility, Sun Current aims to install affordable solar panels in Sydney, fostering self-sufficiency and environmental sustainability.

When it comes to installing residential solar panels in Sydney, our seasoned experts help liberate you from hefty energy bills while actively contributing to the green energy revolution. Dedicated to a seamless and cost-effective journey, our tailored solutions ensure maximum efficiency and long-term savings. Choose Sun Current for a brighter, sustainable future through efficient solar solutions and industry-leading expertise.

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Sun Current understands the transformative power of solar energy, making spaces more self-sufficient and environmentally sustainable.

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6.6 kW Jinko 370 Watt System with Growatt Inverter

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