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Highly-Efficient than an electric water heater


Suitable capacities between 200L-300L


Stylish, all-in-one Assembly

Made for Eco-Conscious

Most Efficient Hot Water Heat Pumps in Victoria!

Are you looking for a more efficient hot water solution than natural gas, LPG, electric, or even solar hot water systems? A hot water heat pump is the answer – simple, hassle-free, and government-backed!

Heat pumps transfer heat from one medium to another, using significantly less energy. This translates to major savings on your energy bills.

Heat pumps come with built-in hot water tanks in various sizes to fit your needs, allowing you to store hot water for later use. Plus, some models offer smart connectivity, letting you control them with your mobile device.

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How a Heat Pump Hot Water System Works?

Heat pump hot water systems provide efficient and eco-friendly hot water for your spaces. Here’s a breakdown of the magic behind them:

Heat Extraction

Heat pump captures heat from the surrounding air (or ground in some models).

Compress & Boost

Heat gets compressed, raising its temperature significantly.

Transfer Heat

The heat exchanger efficiently warms the water in the built-in storage tank.

Enjoy Hot Water

Voila! Your efficient hot water is ready for whenever you need it.

Why Choose Suncurrent?

Suncurrent isn’t just another installer. We are your trusted local installer, serving Melbourne since 2012. We’re a CEC-approved retailer and have won awards for our quality service. Here’s why you should choose us:

Suncurrent ensures a smooth, cost-effective heat pump installation. Enjoy peace of mind with our expertise and after-sales care!


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We handle the entire installation, including plumbing, electrical connections, and system setup.

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Learn how to operate your new system and get ongoing support from our team.

High efficiency, low bills! Heat pumps deliver up to 80% savings on hot water.


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frequently asked questions

Ans:- Heat pumps are highly efficient and made for all-weather performance. They can extract heat from the air even on cooler days.

Ans:- The upfront cost can vary depending on system size, brand, and existing plumbing. However, government rebates significantly reduce the cost. You can expect to recoup the initial investment through energy bill savings within a few years.

Ans:- Yes! Several states in Australia offer rebates and incentives for installing heat pumps. Suncurrent’s team can guide you through the rebate claim process to maximise your savings.

Q. With proper maintenance, a heat pump hot water system can last for 10-15 years, similar to traditional hot water heaters. Suncurrent offers a complimentary 2-year maintenance plan for your peace of mind.

Ans:- A typical heat pump hot water system installation can be completed within 1-2 days by our experienced technicians. We’ll handle everything from pre-installation checks to system setup and handover.

Ans:- Heat pump hot water systems typically come with two warranties:

  1. Manufacturer’s Warranty: This covers the heat pump components themselves, usually for a period of 5-10 years. The specific terms will vary depending on the manufacturer and model.
  2. Installation Warranty: Suncurrent offers a separate warranty on the installation work itself. This ensures you’re covered for any issues related to the installation process.

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