At SunCurrent, we always endeavour to provide the best products and services to our customers. However, on rare occasions, we recognise that there could be times when our customers may not be entirely satisfied. That is why we have set up this page to help manage and resolve complaints.

To ensure effective complaints handling and the best possible outcomes, SunCurrent adopts the below Complaints Handling Procedure which broadly aligns with the Australian Standard on Complaints Handling AS ISO 10002-2006.

SunCurrent’s Complaints Handling Procedure

(a) We would require the customer to provide us with the following information:
- Full Name and Contact Details;
- The nature of the complaint (please include as much information as possible);
- Details of any steps you might have already taken to resolve the problem;
- A copy of any supporting relevant documentation such as a Sales Agreement
Form, Warranty document, receipt or invoice.
- Desired outcome/resolution requested.

To ensure a complete and clear record keeping of the complaint handling process, submitting your complaint in writing is highly recommended.

How to contact us -

Mail to: 1203/1 Queens Road, Melbourne Vic 3004
Phone: 1300 251 553

(b) A written confirmation with the expected timeframe for resolution of the complaint will be sent to the customer either via email or post mail.Please note that the feedback on the outcome of a complaint will be provided to the customer within 21 days of receipt. Where additional time is required:
- The customer will be informed of the need for more time to complete investigation; and
- The investigation will be competed within 45 days of the receipt of the complaint.

(c) SunCurrent endeavors to maintain appropriate record keeping of complaints and their outcomes. All complaints data will be kept by SunCurrent for five years after the records are created.

(d) Where the customer is dissatisfied with the outcome of the complaint, he/she can escalate that complaint either internally or externally to the relevant state or territory industry consumer protection organization, or an independent dispute resolution body.
The details of the relevant bodies are mentioned below:

Consumer Affairs Victoria
Phone: 1300 558 181

Australian Competition & Consumer Commission:
Phone: 1300 302 502

Clean Energy Council
Phone: 03 9929 4100