What Are The Top 5 Solar Panels?

top 5 solar panels

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Incredible savings start with the right panel choice!

Finding the right solar panel plays a vital role in reducing electricity bill costs. How? Every system has its own capacity to convert the sun’s energy into electrical energy. While all systems are designed using high-quality materials, it is still recommended to get installations that meet your everyday energy consumption. This way you will not be overloading the system and will have enough to save up in the backup batteries. 

So, what are the top choices when it comes to going green with panels in Australia? 

This blog elaborately covers top-notch photovoltaic collectors that are meant for Australian living spaces. It is noteworthy that these photovoltaic cells require professional installation to function to their fullest potential aside from being installed at the right angle in the North-facing side of the living space.

What are the top 5 solar panels?

  1. Seraphim Solar Panels: This device originates from China and is a tier 1 photovoltaic cell. The device usually comes with the company’s 15-year item and a 25-year performance warranty. Seraphim is integrated vertically & are corrosion resistant making them an ideal choice for installation in coastal areas. These cells have a maximum power output of 540 W. Made with high-quality material, these panels can withstand snow loads of 5400 Pascal and a wind load of 2400 Pascal making them ideal for installation in the Australian region. Efficiency: 20%

  1. Jinko Solar Panels: This photovoltaic cell works effortlessly even in low-light, rain or overcast conditions. It comes with a 15-year product and a 25-year performance warranty on it. The brand has consistently been a top performer across 6 annual tests. Being a renowned brand for its quality and high-class workability, this device is a must for living spaces that are looking for hassle-free assets with brand standard assurance. Headquartered in Shanghai, this brand is licensed to withstand snow loads of 5400 Pascal and a wind load of 2400 Pascal. Efficiency: 23.53%

  1. Q Cells Solar Panels: Made with an aluminium alloy structure, this is light in weight and highly durable. Their price to quality ratio makes investing in them an amazing deal to invest in. Their products can be used to power up residential as well as commercial spaces. The system has a 12-year product and a 25-year performance warranty. Additionally, its high-quality build makes it capable of withstanding wind loads of up to 2400 Pascal and snow loads of 5400 Pascal. Efficiency: 19.5%

  1. Canadian Solar Panels: With a nominal module operating temperature of 43°C (or 109.4°F) this product ensures a higher power output in general. Adding to this quality, the power losses are relatively low when compared with other products. This system comes with a 12-year device and a 25-year performance warranty as well. Under harsh weather conditions, this system can easily withstand up to 2400 Pascal of wind loads and up to 5400 Pascal of snow loads. Efficiency: 23.81%

  1. LG Energy Systems: Widely popular for its high-quality assets and top-notch services, LG brings the excellence and power of photovoltaic cells to your living space. The brand offers four exclusive ranges of products for Australian residents. Every system from LG comes with a 25-year full replacement warranty

Sun Current is a leading solar company in Melbourne that aims at providing high-quality products as well as services to you. We have been a CEC member since 2017 and a CEC-approved retailer, aside from that we work closely with government schemes & rebates to make sure that you are getting solar power systems at highly affordable rates. 

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