Which Are The Best Solar Panels In Australia In 2021?

Best Solar Panels In Australia In 2021

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Be well-informed before you make a purchase and have the solar panels installed. Solar is the future and it is best to gear up for it

Congrats! Now that you have decided to opt for green power, it is an incredible journey that awaits you. 

The Earth has been reeling under the effects of climate change for years now and the planet cannot tolerate any more damage that has been done to it. A fact that has been emphasised by climate experts is that the non-renewable energy resources are running dry and it is time people made the switch to renewable ones. Channeling the Sun’s energy is the most popular choice that crops up when one speaks of natural energy sources that cause zero damage to the planet, are inexpensive and do not put humanity at the risk of extinction. 

Why go solar in 2021? 

“If not now, then when” should be the clarion call that motivates you to opt for green power and adopt clean sources. 2021 is the year when humanity has been sent a warning that any more damage to the planet and the future is anything but bright. 

To be part of this revolution of change and make a small but significant difference to the Earth, solar providers in Australia urge people to do their part. 

It is the need of the hour. 

Which are the best solar panels to choose from? 

Going in for this form of re-usable energy means a one-time investment of having devices that trap the sunlight installed on your roof. This while being effective in curbing your carbon footprint also significantly reduces the electricity bill and adds a certain buying power to your home. In 2021, the most effective solar panels to choose from are: 

Sunpower Maxeon 3: Providing up to 22.6% efficiency and a life of 40 years, these are a great investment for the long run. They operate on the principle of back contact conversion which enables more absorption of sunlight and thus increases efficiency. 

REC Alpha series: The half-cut cell design increases panel efficiency to 21.7% and thus you get more electricity produced. The panel is made up of N-Type silicon and this contributes to its slower degradation rate. 

LG Neon R: A 25-year product warranty is what attracts customers. The solar panel also offers a guarantee that even after 25 years, the panel’s output will be up to 90.08%. 

How to choose the most economical solar panel? 

Reaching out to a provider that knows what the brands in the market offer, their features, and which features would suit your needs and lifestyle could be the best way to determine which one you should go in for. Sun Current offers you an opportunity to get advice from some of the best minds in Australia who have knowledge of comparative differences that set each brand apart and will guide you with this and the installation process. We will see to the maintenance of the solar panels, any doubts you may have and also position the panels in a way that their output will be maximum, after proper assessment of your site. 

Begin your journey this year with the best!

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