The Best Solar Inverters in Australia 2022 – A Review!

Best Solar Panels In Australia In 2021

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Economical, environment friendly and reliable will be the best way to describe modern-day solar inverters. They are versatile devices that are multifunctional in nature and function by performing the conversion of DC to AC. With a decent year warranty of 10-20 years, this is the way for you to go if looking to harness solar energy for everyday uses.


Considered as one of the most efficient ways of utilising natural resources to simplify human lives, these can be trusted and relied upon to satisfy your needs. 

Is There A Variety Of Solar Inverters Available?

Yes, solar inverters can be classified into five types which are as follows: 

  • Single string inverter 

When panels are placed in string form and multiple strings are allied to one single string inside the device, then it is called a single string inverter. Each and every string holds DC power which gets altered into AC power. In order to avoid the placement of strings in different directions, this type is best suited. These are also used in power optimisers.

  • Central inverter

The central inverters are closely related to string inverters but are larger in size and can support multiple strings instead of just one. However, unlike string inverters, the strings inside these are combined together in a bix wherein the DC power moves in the direction of the middle inverter box where it is changed to AC power. The purpose of these is mostly commercial and not household. These can be seen at industrial installations and utility-scale solar farms. 

  • Microinverters

These work both ways, that is, these can be used for commercial and residential purposes. These are very different from string type inverters but quite similar to power optimisers. They are module-level electronics that need to be mounted on the panels wherein alteration of DC to AC takes place directly without any strings.

  • Battery based inverter 

This type has been experiencing a lot of demand these days. With their unidirectional nature, these can perform as both inverters and as well as battery chargers. There are different types to these based on the type and condition of the grid present in it. The handling of power takes place between the grid and the array in this type of inverter. 

  • Hybrid inverter 

These are also known as multi-mode inverters. They facilitate functioning by plugging the batteries into the solar power system. The device functions through the process of DC coupling. 

What Makes Solar Inverters Important for Savings?

While a lot of people out there think that it is only the panels that form the solar power system, it is to be understood that the inverters are as important as the panels when it comes to meeting your requirements. Following are a list of reasons as to why they are important in modern times:

  • The greenhouse effect, which is one of the major environmental issues these days, can be kept under control with the usage of these.
  • These possess the capability to optimise the amount of energy that is involved in the conversion process.
  • Economically it helps save a lot of money spent on electricity bills. ‘
  • The handling, maintenance and usage of these are easy.

Which Are The Best Solar Inverters?

With so many options available one might always find it difficult to find the right inverter for self. Here’s a list of the best ones available in Australia right now along with all the necessary details that one need to have about these: 

  • GoodWe SDT Series

Produced by one of the leading companies in Australia, GoodWe, this inverter manufacturer is one of the most reliable options out there. With a natural convection based methodology, this device holds the following specifications: 

  1. The output power of 5 kWh
  2. Maximum input power of 6.5kWh
  3. An efficiency of 98.0%
  4. An operating temperature range of -25-  60 degrees celsius

  • Growatt MIN 2500-6000L 

Another successful manufacturer, another efficient inverter. With an affordable price point and good performance, these have natural convection based cooling and the following other specifications:

  1. The nominal output power of 5 kWh
  2. Maximum input power of 7 kWh
  3. Excellent efficiency of 98.4%
  4. An operating temperature range of -25 – 60 degrees celsius

  • Sungrow Inverters SG3K/3K6/4K/4K6/5K

As one of the most popular manufacturers in Australia, Sungrow has built well-performing inverters with the following specifications:

  1. The nominal output power of 5 kWh
  2. Maximum input power of 600 V
  3. Maximum efficiency of 98.4%
  4. Cooling – Natural Convection
  5. An operating temperature range of -25 – 60 degrees celsius (> 45-degree celsius derating)

  • Fronius Primo

With years of experience in manufacturing, Fronius has done justice to the need for solar inverters. Following are the specifications of this highly efficient device:

  1. The nominal output power of 5 kWh
  2. Maximum input power of 7.5kWh
  3. Maximum efficiency of 97.4%
  4. Controlled forced ventilation and variable speed fan-based cooling methodology
  5. An operating temperature range of -40 – 55 degrees celsius

  • SolarEdge HD Wave Inverter 

This is one of the top companies in the industry and has manufactured inverters with high star ratings. Following are its specifications:

  1. The nominal output power of 5 kWh
  2. Maximum input power of 7 – 7.75kWh
  3. Maximum efficiency of 99%
  4. Natural convection based cooling 
  5. An operating temperature range of -40 – 60 degrees celsius 

Note: The warranty period on these solar inverters are in the range of 5 years to 20 years. Most of these inverter brands are compatible with solar battery systems and solar panel arrangements.

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