Planning to install solar panels in Melbourne? Here’s how much it will cost!

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Why consider getting solar panels in the first place?

Powering your living space with a natural source of light is anyday more sustainable and cost-efficient than having to pay rising electricity prices. Solar panels are an excellent way to harness the sun’s natural energy to meet your everyday electricity needs. With recent advancements in technology, you can avail yourself of systems that are exclusive, modern and within your budget. 

The Australian government has introduced many rebates, schemes and incentives to make systems more widely available. These initiatives also significantly reduce the costs of panel installations. 

Making Future Investments, Today

The prices for panels vary depending on the size of the system you are opting for. An estimated price range starts from $2,900 and goes up to $10,000. There will be upfront charges involved as well that can be covered by government incentives. 

These figures may look huge and the whole idea of going green may seem expensive but truth be told, solar systems have a higher return on investment. With the advantage of the feed-in tariff, you can earn just by sharing unused electricity units with the grid. It is noteworthy that having these installations of your own adds to savings by significantly reducing electricity bills. 

Rebates, schemes and incentives that make installations affordable in Melbourne

  1. PV panel rebate: Under this program, Victorian households and rental property occupants can get panels with rebates applicable up to $1,400 which covers at least half the price for a 4kW PV system. You can also apply for an interest-free loan that can be equivalent to the amount for the claimed rebate. Note that you will be required to pay back the loan in a period of 4 years or can pay it back at once collectively
  2. Hot water rebate: Who doesn’t like hot waters all year long especially during winters. Under this rebate, homeowners can get a rebate of $1000 on hot water systems powered by the sun. With your own hot water system, you can save as much as $400 a year
  3. Battery rebates: Have power when the sun goes down! Applicable throughout Victoria, the rebate values at $4,174 (to remain unchanged in 2020-21

These rebates make getting green systems affordable and easy on the pocket. Consider working with a company that has all the council approvals to install solar energy systems. 

Why Consider Switching to Green Energy?

  • It’s a renewable source of energy and doesn’t harm the environment
  • Significantly reduces electricity bills
  • Government incentives reduce prices significantly
  • Can be used to energise a number of electrical appliances
  • Lower maintenance costs

Green energy is delivered straight to your living space! 

Going green is a responsible decision. While rebates and other initiatives make the overall installation affordable, it is important to partner with the right solar power systems provider to get quality and exclusive installations that meet your energy requirements.

Sun Current offers expert services that work within your budget, powers up your living space & saves hundreds of dollars.

Planning to go green? Call Sun Current today! 

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