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With a reputation like no one else and unbeatable quality of service, Jinko Solar Panels is undoubtedly ruling the market with its efficiency. It’s the biggest and the most trustworthy manufacturer for solar panels out there. You might often find yourself as well as others confused when it comes to the selection of the right brand of solar panels. If that is the case, then Jinko Solar installers are your answer.

However, one might surely wonder as to what is it that makes Jinko Solar Panels different from the rest of the manufacturers out there? 

Hence, here we are with everything that you need to know in order to make the right choice. 

What Are The Specialities of Jinko Solar?

Jinko Solar Installers is one of the leading and giant solar sectors dealing with solar power system products. They hold expertise in the manufacture of supplies including Solar panels, cells and wafers which are all Photovoltaic (PVC) products. They have been popularly known for being the largest manufacturers who ship numerous products every year. These are popular for their extensive utility-scale and excellent service. 

They provide their customers with a product warranty of 12 years while the other manufacturers dealing with tier 1 panels offer the same only for 10 years. 

They also provide a power warranty of 25 years for all the panels irrespective of the type. The users can expect the device to perform with an efficiency of 83’1% to 84.2%  at the 25-year mark. 

What Are The Different Jinko Solar Panels And How Are They Different From Each Other?

Jinko manufactures a range of panels on a different basis of use, that is, residential, commercial or utility-scale solar installations. The upcoming section will deal with everything about these variants and will provide a detailed insight into their features. 

Cheetah Series

Under the Big Cat Series, the Jinko Cheetah range of panels was the first one to be introduced. These were produced in the year 2018 and are now available to the public in a wide variety of sizes starting from 325W to 340W in the standard residential size of 60 cells or 120 cells (half cut). It is also available in the larger format commercial size up to 410W. They are considered to be a perfect combination of good quality and affordability.

  • Cheetah Plus 370W – 66 cells 

The Jinko Cheetah series underwent expansion with the addition of Cheetah Plus. These are slightly larger and 66 cells sized panels with better functioning and increased output power of 360 W to 380 W.  

Tiger Series 

They are considered to perform better with an output power of 370W to 470W. They are advanced versions and consist of the innovative applications of PV cell technology like bigger format cells and multi busbars which include the 9 thin wire busbars. Jinko terms the 9 thin busbars (9 MBB TR) as Tilling ribbon which has the capability to better the device’s performance by increasing its surface area.  Additional benefits include reduced costs and a decrease in the requirement of soldering. 

One major factor about the Tiger series that made it evolve the traditional idea of panels into something different is its increased cell size of 66 cells for residential ones and 78 cells for commercial ones instead of the traditional 60 cells and 72 cells respectively. Tiger series also consists of Tilling Ribbon. 

Tiger series panels are available in two types which are as follows:

  • The regular mid-level panels with a 9 MBB TR cell design which is built on a P-type silicon base.
  • The high-level ‘N-type Tiger Panels’ are built on an N-type silicon base with an efficiency of 21.3%. 

Tiger Pro Series 

These panels are one of a kind and are built specifically to give a dynamic performance. They have a significantly higher power of  580 W. In addition to that, Jinko Solar also came up with an even stronger 610 W version. 

Another efficient version available under this series is of a larger format and is currently available only for large scale utility solar farms and not for rooftop installations. They also consist of a 9 MBB TR cell design built on a high purity N-type silicon cell that has the capability to achieve an efficiency of 21.6%. The design also reduces the temperature coefficient which further contributes to its quality of performance. 

Sun Current – The One Stop Destination To Fulfill Your Jinko Solar Panel Requirements 

With years of experience in providing Solar Power Systems to the people of Australia, Sun Current knows what works best for your needs. Our experts know to perform thorough inspections of our clients’ spaces in order to suggest the right Jinko Solar Panels. Be it commercial or residential needs, we’ve covered it all for you. 

So don’t wait and contact us immediately to find the right panel for your place!

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With a reputation like no one else and unbeatable quality of service, Jinko Solar Panels is undoubtedly ruling the market with its efficiency. It’s the

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