How long do solar panels last in Australia?

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Solar panels have proved themselves to be a superior choice for addressing your residential or commercial power needs and also generate your own electricity without relying on the grid. 

While these benefits are exciting, people tend to refrain themselves from investing in solar panels (and solar power systems in general) owing to uncertainty about their durability. Sure, attractive government rebates and incentives in Australia can help you avail of these quite easily, but do they last for the long run? 

This post serves to assist Australian homeowners and businesses in understanding the durability and long-term usage of these excellent panel systems. In addition, you will also know when the right time is for you to get new panels for yourself. 

So without much ado, let’s begin!

How do solar panels damage over time?  

We will start right off by letting you know how your devices degrade with time. This might sound pretty obvious to most but the most common reason(s) behind this process of gradual failure is the exposure to the natural elements, which include varying temperatures, rain, wind and even birds or nesting animals. 

The very functionality of panels is due to several silicon cells located close to the surface. Sunlight falls on these cells and then on the surface, resulting in the photovoltaic (PV) effect. As such, the photons convert to electrical current and electrical energy is ultimately generated by your system. 

With microcracks developed in the cells, they propagate and amplify. This way, the electrical connections take a hit and you don’t get the electrical energy you expect for your power needs. With an increase in these gradually degrading effects, the entire set-up will finally cease to function optimally. 

So how long would your panels work?

In today’s age, you can expect around 25 years of optimal usage that can successfully meet the power needs of your home or workspace. Usually, at the end of 2 decades, the typical output would be roughly 90% of the original output when bought brand new..

Some can even last for 30 years, based on the latest technology and design. But to give you a well-defined answer to this burning question, you can surely get 25 to 30 years of service from your brand new unit. We still recommend you have a word with you solar installer about this. 

What parameters affect the lifetime of your solar panels? 

The following highlights the parameters that establish the lifespan of your unit. This also helps you to be more cautious and precarious about these listed pointers so as to ensure a long and worthwhile lifespan. 

  • Temperature fluctuations during the night, day and seasons
  • Strong winds
  • Nesting animals and birds
  • Heavy rainfall
  • Low quality of glass on the surface
  • Bad installation
  • Lack of care and maintenance from your end

Some of these factors seem to be not in your control. But what if we told you they are!

Poor quality and bad installation are responsible for the failure of heaps of them all across Australia. In fact, some of them don’t even last a decade and some, not even five years. Pathetic!

So what should you do? 

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