Here’s Why You Should Consider Switching to Solar Energy in Melbourne!

Solar energy

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Annually, Australia receives about 53 million petajoules of solar radiation, half of which goes underutilised. This is especially a matter of concern considering the rising electricity prices and conditions our planet is in right now. Solar energy in recent times has gained popularity in Victoria and with rebates, incentives and interest-free loans in place, having solar power installation in your Melbourne home or office space is getting more common. While the benefits of switching to solar energy in Australia are incredible and highly rewarding, there are still things you must consider before getting solar power systems.

Solar power Melbourne systems can help reduce carbon footprint by tonnes of kilos annually. This is significant considering the pollution that’s caused due to vehicles and factories annually. 

This Sun Current blog explores everything you must know before getting solar power systems installed in your living space.

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  1. Should you opt for a photovoltaic or a thermal solar power system?

Solar power systems are pretty advanced today and they utilise photovoltaic or thermal technologies to convert the sun’s energy into a usable form of energy. The photovoltaic solar power system will convert sunlight into electricity that you can use directly while the thermal solar power systems can heat water and air for use.

A thermal system is a great investment if you live in a cold area where fuel prices often are a matter of concern. Not only will you have hot water running throughout but also warm up your home using the sun’s energy without having to depend too much on-grid electricity supply or fuels.

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2. Monitor your energy usage for better living and optimised solar energy use!

There can be many reasons for making the solar switch. You want to save money in the long term, want to do something about the current environmental issues or just want to try an alternate source of energy. Optimising your everyday energy consumption can help you save more on electricity. How can you optimise your energy consumption? By switching off lights and fans when they are not in use. Using energy-efficient home appliances and ensuring mindful use of appliances that consume higher units of electricity.

3. The type of inverter and batteries you are investing in matters

Inverters are responsible for converting solar energy into a usable form of energy that can be utilised by home appliances. Based on your energy consumption, you can pick from a wide range of inverters that can convert energy for consumption. Another factor worth considering is the type of battery installation you are going for. A solar battery stores energy produced by the solar panels and use it in case of a power outage. 

4. The area available for solar panels installation in your Melbourne living space

Solar panels are mostly installed on roofs because that way, the photovoltaic cells will get the most exposure to sunlight. But what if your roof doesn’t have an adequate area for installation or there’s shadowing? In that case, our solar panels installers Melbourne, Victoria will try to find a way out that is safe, agreed upon by neighbours and practical. In case the installation cannot take place on the roof, our experts may try to find other ways.

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